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You have a million things to do. Figuring out how to promote a blockchain product, in South Korea, shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve tumbled and figured out everything that doesn’t work for you. Krown your world.

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South Korea Marketing Strategy

Everything Else (PR, Bounty, Influencers, etc)

Content Creation as a Service

South Korea Marketing Strategy

How do you do marketing in South Korea? One of the most crypto-crazy markets in the world? Well… You don’t need to. We has you covered. Simply let the Krown team know your goals, schedule, and budget. We’ll do the rest. Avoid cultural woes.

We has managed the largest projects in Korea. Jump start your professional network through the Krown Network. We’ve been involved in the first, largest, and most recent ICOs in Korea. Avoid awkward small talk. Talk with Krown.

Content Writing as a Service

How much Korean can you write? Probably as much as we can write in Mandarin. Thankfully we have a team of well-caffeinated literature junkies that can pump out the articles you deserve.

The problem with blockchain is that your product doesn’t exist until later on. Until then, your website and your blog are your product. Make sure not to embarrass yourself by publishing subpar content. You don’t have to time to sit down and craft the articles you deserve.

Everything Else

We work with various local partners:

PR (Press Release) – Launch your project with a formal press release.

Bounty Program – Utilize the power of local network effects.

Airdrop Program – Kickstart a chat room community via Airdrops.

Website Localization – Create a culturally localized website experience.

Influencers – Tap into pre-existing followers by sponsoring blockchain influencers.



Krown has Your Back

Why work with Krown? Because we’re the best at what we do. Not simply from a performance perspective, but also from a quantitative perspective. All we’ve done is blockchain marketing. Start to finish. Join the Krown family.

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