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Hell Joseon (hellish Korea), which became popular several years ago and express the collective despair of a generation of South Koreans who find life in their country intolerable

– foreignpolicy.com

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Build your own future and reach customers spread across the globe with decentralized blockchain technology.

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deCommerce Stores Powered by Blockchain

Utilize the power of blockchain and Origin Tokens to reach customers around the world. Using the Origin Protocol you can create deCommerce Stores and Shared Economy experiences with minimal costs across borders.

Founded by the PayPal Mafia

The Origin Protocol team is comprised of former PayPal co-founders. With deep ties with the Silicon Valley Fintech World. Origin has also received funding from top venture capitalists such as FBG Capital.

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Earn Origin tokens. List goods and services from Origin’s existing base of sellers. Earn Origin token commissions from sellers looking to reach a wider audience on your marketplace.


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